SociOffer Review and Bonus

SociOffer Review

In The Next Few Hours This Offer Is Off the Internet Forever

Look, the clock is running out. And the chance to save on your purchase when you buy SociOffer is going off the internet in hours.

You need to move now to lock down this offer before they pull it down.

Slide in here to access the discount offer at a low one-time cost ===== >

And here is a really cool way to use this thing.SociOffer Review-compressed

You could use it to run really cool marketing campaigns.

Simply collect leads with a Facebook pixel on your sales page then retarget them to your offer on Facebook while SociOffer manages all your offers on complete autopilot

….just load your offer once and…boom….it starts dropping your offers on all your pages and all your groups, spiking your sales with completely free viral traffic.

And the nice thing about all this is that the Offer feature on Facebook has 3 of the world’s deadliest marketing weapons all rolled into one….

You can set a deadline for when you want your offer to end. Then when anyone signs up for an offer it shows on their timeline and their friends get to see it and move in on it too plus it has a really cool way of displaying your discount to pull in people.

….and while all these are happening Socioffer will be right there managing everything for you like a good lad. Reposting offers that needs to be reposted, selecting the pages and groups you want the offers to go out to, keeping to time and dishing out the offers you have scheduled to go out at the exact time you want them out….on complete auto pilot

So if you really want to dominate your social media game, go here right away to grab your license today


Viral Video offer post
Use videos in your offer posts to DRAMATICALLY boost conversions and give you an unfair advantage over the competition.

+ Clickable Image & Video Posts

SociOffer SOLVES this with clickable images and videos that direct traffic straight to your offers. More clicks = more money … it’s that simple.

+ Instant, Repeat & Scheduled Posts Put YOU In Control Of Your Traffic

Post an offer immediately …
Set it to repeat as often as you want …
Even schedule ENTIRE traffic campaigns weeks in advance for set & forget traffic that drives sales whether you’re working or on vacation!

+ Targeted Referral Marketing

Because SociOffer works with your existing fan pages & groups …
Gives your viewers what THEY want – a deal on a product or service
that interests them – they’ll gladly SHARE your offers so you get VIRAL traffic!

+ Full Tracking & Analytics

Right inside your dashboard, you can track your campaigns and see updates of how they’re performing.

+ Automatic Traffic Expansion

Automatically distribute your offer post into multiple fan pages and even FB groups… this means you multiply your reach, free traffic and sales on total autopilot.
This feature is completely missing if you tried to do this from FB, where you’re limited to profits from just your fan page and not all the additional traffic channels that Soci Offer unlocks.

+ Carousel Offer Posts

Post multiple different clickable pictures on your offer post, meaning something for everyone!

+ CLICKABLE pictures and videos on your offer posts

Yet another massively powerful feature of Soci Offer is the ability to create CLICKABLE pictures and videos on your offer posts.
The truth is, many people see an ad, try to click on the image or video and then ignore the designated button. Since the click doesn’t work, they soar off. With this, you will capture all that traffic that click the image or video when it’s not clickable…because now it will be!

+ Built-In Autolike Feature

To add icing to the cake, Soci Offer comes with a built in auto like feature that lets you instantly like an offer post by other fan pages you own.

This gives the offer post some autopilot juice and can boost your traffic and profits considerably with no additional work required by you whatsoever.

ChromEngage Review and Bonus


These are the key features of ChromeEngage:

One Push Notification
One push notification sent to people ONLY added as a result of having one of our ChromEngage extensions listed in the directory. You can send unlimited notifications, to unlimited number of subscribers straight to their desktop any time you want to reach out to your subscribers

SEO Advantage
An obvious benefit of being listed on the Google Chrome Store is the SEO advantage. You can get strong rankings from the extension name you choose, as well as the description and any tags you add too! You will be also Getting noticed by search engine spiders almost instantly, so faster listing in SE’s; A powerful backlink by the most respected search engine online; Listing in the Google Chrome directory, searched by millions every day and Organic traffic from the Google Chrome directory

Builds Email Lists
The ChromEngage extensions are created to leverage every part of the traffic that comes to your website and to the Google Chrome directory.

These leads were captured as part of the automatically built-in lead generation funnel. When someone installs your ChromEngage extension you’ll automatically be able to send push notifications, but by capturing their email addresses you can stay in contact with them via email – even if they uninstall your extension.ChromEngage Review-compressed

Simply connect your autoresponder in your dashboard and the system creates this welcome page for you giving you the best results with just a couple of clicks!

Cloudbased SaaS Platform: Will work on PC, Mac and on any browser. You can control everything in your ChromEngage cloudbased members area, so there’s no need to install any software or have any fancy tech specifications.
Done For You Extension Builder: ChromEngage builds a completely done for you lead magnet NO TECH SKILLS REQUIRED!
100% Newbie Friendly: Buy today and always have access to future upgrades and improvements to the ChromEngage platform
Unlimited Push Notifications: No hidden fees or subscriber limits, send notifications to all of your subscribers any time you like
Autoresponder Integration: Add your new extension users to your email list too! They’re fully integrated with GetResponse, AWeber, MailChimp or you can import your html embed code from any other autoresponder.
Support: They always put their customers above anything else, their support desk works 24/7

This software lets you get traffic from the 1.4 billion person online audience and turn them into subscribers – and all in less than a few minutes. It’s so simple, I think a lot of marketers right now are slapping their foreheads thinking, “how the heck didn’t we do this already!”

Well, the easiest answer to that is: Until now, it’s required a lot of technical skills and development costs. ChromEngage has removed all of those issues and now lets you:

Create a lead magnet Chrome Extension with 1 Click!
Send unlimited push notifications to everyone who adds it
Capture email addresses with the seamless flow
With list building on complete autopilot after the few minutes it takes to set it up.

I have had the pleasure of taking the Chrome Engage for a spin and frankly, I am very impressed. ChromeEngage has probably one of the most beautiful and functional dashboards in a software I have seen in a while. Works great on my mobile phone me and desktop. It also came with Great training videos to make it stupidly simple for ANYONE to use.

More importantly it puts a whole new profitable spin to the Push Notification revolution. Serious Marketers do not have a choice anymore whether they would use a push notification software in their marketing campaigns but the Chrome Engage is clearly a more effective pace setter in that new marketing angle everyone is crazy about.

Question is: what makes ChromeEngage different with the others outside?

You might have seen other platforms adding extra fees per subscriber, or per number of push notifications you send. ChromEngage doesn’t do that. They connect directly to the source of push notifications, Google Chrome.

It does require an extra step (which takes about two minutes). You need to click on a link they give you, add your website information and then copy and paste the info you get. For the cost of two minutes work this is part alone is saving me a lot of money in monthly fees that others are charging.

Because you’ve gone straight to the source this way, there is no middle man, no extra fees and yes – completely uncapped browser push notifications.

Is it enough awesomeness for you? Because you will be also receiving my ULTIMATE huge bonuses. Those treasures are waiting for you at the end of this ChromEngage Review. And even though you do nothing but only read my ChromEngage Review, to thanks for your kind support, I still give you free bonuses. So keep reading then scroll your mouse down!

All it takes is just only 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Fill Out Your Details
Add your website name, URL, your logo, activate notifications etc. The ChromEngage software turns your info into zip file ready for you to upload to the Chrome Extension directory!

Submit To Google
Upload your extension. You will need to pay a $5 fee, which lets you upload 20 extensions (just $0.25 per extension) and there is no approval process so as soon as you upload, it’s live!

Add To Your Site
They’ll give you a short snippet of code to add to your website, OR if your website is on WordPress you can simply upload and activate our plugin – it couldn’t be more simple!

PBN Builder Review and Bonus

Rank you eCommerce Stores, FAST!
Get FREE Traffic to your eCom stores
the BEST way to get FREE traffic to your stores
FAST Rankings for your eCommerce storesPBN Builder Review-compressed


Imagine if you can do something ONCE and get THOUSANDS of customers visiting your
stores EVERY SINGLE month..

And imagine if you didn’t have to spend a SINGLE CENT on paid traffic..

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Well, in case you’re not aware, ranking your stores on page 1 of the search
engines is the BEST and more powerful way to get FREE traffic to your stores.

AND search engine traffic converts WAYYYYY higher than ANY paid traffic source you’ll
ever use : GUARANTEED!

But exactly HOW do you get your stores to rank, FAST!

Well, for as long as I can remember there has been ONE ranking strategy that has ALWAYS out performed just about EVERY other strategy
out there.

And although SEO is constantly changing and evolving, this strategy ALWAYS emerges
as the CHAMPION of ranking on page 1, FAST!

Got an idea what it can be?

PBN Syndication! (private blog networks)

In case you’ve never heard of using PBN’s, it’s basically creating your own network of
“buffer” sites that you use for the purpose of ranking your MAIN site.

And the beauty of it is, when you do the work ONCE, the results last for YEARS to come!

However, for FARRR too long, building, managing and leveraging a PBN to get rankings has been WAYY too complicated and time consuming for the average person.

Even though people know it’s the best asset you can leverage to dominate the search engines, they still avoid it.

ALL of that changes TODAY!

A couple of genius marketers have created a new web-app that allows ANYONE, regardless of experience to leverage the power of PBN Syndication in a
simple, step-by-step format.

They’ve leveled the playing field and put the most POWERFUL ranking strategy at the fingertips of ANYONE!

And they’ve done it in a way that you DO NOT need a MONSTER 50-100 site PBN to make it work.

In fact, most marketers nowadays are using what are called “micro PBNs” to dominate the first page of Google.

You’d be surprised how much firepower you get with a small 5-10 site PBN.

And with PBN Builder, your whole PBN syndication is set to AUTOPILOT!

> see how it works here

Dominating Page 1 of the search engines with PBN Builder is as easy as following 3 simple

Step 1: Connect your PBN sites and your money/ecommerce sites and/or videos

Step 2: Tell PBN Builder which of your money/ecommerce sites or videos you want to get

Step 3: Set up your syndication schedule or have your syndication start right away.

And then you just sit back and watch your rankings soar by leveraging the power of automatic PBN Syndication.

> see the powerful demo video here

sign off

P.S. Getting thousands of FREE visitors to your eCom stores has NEVER been easier.

And achieving those results by leveraging the most powerful ranking strategy ever created has ALSO never been easier.

PBN Builder is a dream come true for anyone
looking to get FREE traffic and sales from
the search engines.

Cover Action Pro 3.0 Review

Is CoverActionPro 3.0 A Good Product? Is It A Scam? Source Digest Gives A Real Review From Users Point Of View. Have Experience? Share It With Others.

This new tool by Mark Monciardini has been released & there’s been a lot of buzz around it as many internet marketers have been promoting it to their mailing lists. No doubt you have seen their promotions and came here looking for a REAL CoverActionPro 3.0 review to see what it’s all about.Cover Action Pro 3.0 Review4

As usual with these kinds of promotions, Cover Action Pro 3.0 promises a lot and gives you a bunch of reasons why you should jump on it. We, however, always advocate doing your research and not rushing into it. Even if the creator/s will close CoverActionPro 3.0 tool there will be other similar, or better yet, a much better IM product to follow like my #1 recommended source. So no worries, you’ll not miss the opportunity to make money with this one.

So when is the right time to buy Cover Action Pro 3.0, if ever? First you really have to think about whether it’s something you can invest your money and time in. Keep in mind that any investment is risky and you can lose your money, regardless of what the advertising is promising you. Always try to see through hype.

Lastly, this page should serve as a Cover Action Pro 3.0 review where users leave reviews after using the tool, or report a scam if it comes to it. Should you have any comments about this product or it’s creator/s in general, feel free to leave it below. That way you will be able to see at a glance what the majority of Cover Action Pro 3.0 users think.

What Now?

To build a business online you need a good guide that teaches real online marketing methods. Instead of flying blind and purchasing something you don’t understand, grab my #1 rated source, and discover how a friend of mine earned $108.84 in one day as a newbie without even having a website and a list.

UpViral Review and Bonus

UpViral is a cloud-based Software allow you to run effective, profitable viral marketing campaigns with Zero technical experience or special knowledge needed. It’s a complete, dynamic web-based solution that handles every aspect of viral marketing. From point A to point Z. Now it’s easier than ever to build highly profitable marketing campaigns that leverage your visitors! UpViral is so easy, that anyone can launch a professional and effective campaign from any computer, tablet or mobile device… in as little as five minutes!UpViral-Review-and-huge-bonus-compressed-788x443

In case you haven’t noticed, things have changed when it comes to online marketing these days. The internet’s major players have been tapping into viral marketing in order to build their lists, generate leads, boost brand awareness and of course, increase their sales… and with little or no paid ads.

You’ve probably seen viral marketing happening right on your own Facebook or Twitter feeds, especially for major brands like AirBnb and even Uber. That’s because it works! (It’s what turned Dropbox into a $10 billion + company).

And now, you can easily tap into the power of viral marketing as well… with UpViral! You too can take the power of word-of-mouth advertising to new, exciting levels. Because with UpViral, anyone can benefit from the power of viral marketing, not just the big guys!

So if you’re serious about increasing your traffic and your profits, and with little or no additional advertising, here’s the answer! Simply put, there is no other app on the market that does what UpViral does… at any price!

Features & Benefits

UpViral covers all the bases and takes all the guesswork out of viral/referral marketing. With UpViral, you get all the capabilities, metrics and analysis tools that you and your staff will ever need to successfully execute any type of viral campaign – in virtually any market or niche.
Easy Setup/Administration For Contest Promotions
UpViral Manage All of Your Campaigns Via One Easy-to-use Dashboard
Fully Customizable Email Automation
UpViral has A/B Split-testing. Split-test multiple lead-magnet pages to determine best opt-in rates. Split-test multiple thank-you pages to determine best sharing rates and Split-test multiple emails to determine best click/open rates
Easy Integration With Existing Sites, Tools, and All Major Autoresponders
UpViral Use points-based system (example: reward visitors based on number of referrals). Generates unique referral invite links. Full control over type and number of points given per action (visits, leads or shares). Offer extra incentives for sharing (regardless of other actions)
Powerful, Fully Customizable Social Sharing Features
UpViral Provide automatic goal-based rewards (example: reward visitors for sharing on FB). Provide multiple rewards based on points accumulated or goals met. Provide download-able files, links, even instant discount coupons as incentives/rewards. All points, rewards and incentives are fully-automated per desired settings – (No admin required!)
Powerful Automated Security, Metrics and Analytical Tools
Mobile Optimized. Fully-responsive display – 100% mobile-optimized! Supports all smartphones and tablets – Android, iOS and Windows!

Blackbird Suite Review and Bonus

So, I’ve been selling on Amazon for a while now and have done pretty well before I ever heard of Blackbird Suite or started this Blackbird Suite review. I utilize a slew on software to try and automate as much of my Amazon business as I can. That being said, I still have to use and subscribe to multiple services to get all the features I need.

I had the pleasure of running across Aiden Booth’s Blackbird Suite software for Amazon sellers and I have to say. I’m pretty excited since it looks like I can ditch most of the other software I currently use and let Blackbird Suite handle all of it.Blackbird Suite Review1-compressed

Amazon’s seller marketplace is fiercely competitive nowadays, and you need quality software just to stay ahead of the game as more people continue to jump on board.

Having great products and good promotions just doesn’t cover it in today’s marketplace.

That’s where software like Blackbird Suite comes in.

Blackbird Suite Review
It doesn’t really matter if you are brand new to selling on Amazon or if you are a seasoned veteran. You need great software to keep track of all the moving parts of this business and simplify your life.

Blackbird Suite was created by three very successful Amazon sellers who make millions of dollars on Amazon every year. BlackBird Suite is basically an all in one solution and includes tools and top notch training to start, manage and scale your Amazon business. Here are some of the features of Blackbird Suite.

Increase profits by gathering more Amazon reviews
Spy on your competition(This is HUGE) and track your listings.
Use the Opportunity Finder to source the next big thing
Find high-converting and relevant keywords for your products
Access to Blackbird University for comprehensive training for selling on Amazon.
Seriously, the BlackBird Suite is probably the best all in one solution for Amazon Sellers, and the absolute best utility to have in your toolbox of apps, letting you to manage your entire Amazon business from a central point.

I’m not sure what they are capping the membership levels at or if they are but I suggest you jump on this software quick before it’s closed or the price goes up.
I highly recommend everyone with an Amazon busines check out this software. I truly think it will take your business to a new level and take a load off your shoulders. There are no contracts, cancel anytime and Blackbird Suite also has a 30 day money back guarantee so go ahead and sign up for the basic business plan and check it out for yourself. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Go Here to Try This Awesome Amazon Business Management Software Today!
The guys behind Blackbird Suite have also put together loads of training and tutorials that are invaluable for helping new and experienced Amazon sellers alike. Top notch support and a large community of people that understand theses guys don’t put out junk. They take care of their users and give back to the community with useful, actionable knowledge.

I’ll be updating this review in the near future after I’ve put some more time in with the software and get the time to upload a video walkthrough.

The Bitcoin Code Review

What Is The Bitcoin Code – Overview

Cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity rapidly in the past decade. More and more people have the chance to start investing in them. No wonder the new digital options investment system The Bitcoin Code claims to help you invest in them.
It has been created by Steve McKay and is said to be one of the most profitable systems available on the market. The reality is a little bit different. We have provided you with a detailed The Bitcoin Code review below. It has all the makings of a scam and it is our advice that you carefully read it before proceeding further with this software.The Bitcoin Code Review-compressed

How Does the BitcoinCode Work?

According to Mr. McKay and the promotion of his Bitcoin Code system, the software has been developed according to latest trading platform trends and is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. In reality, there is no actual proof of that.
>> Visit Safe Trading Software <<
The software is said to run on full autopilot. The Bitcoin Code is said to have an accuracy of 99,4% and that it can earn up to $13,000 per day. All of these are far-fetched promises. Additionally, the claim that it helps you invest in BitCoin and cryptocurrencies is false as well. This is a typical exotic options trading software and is just like any other scam out there that tries to lure you into a sign up that will cost you at least $250.
If you want a truly working and reliable online investment system our top recommendation at the moment is the forex trading HBSwiss software. Its success rate is verified and it is completely free to become a member of the platform.
The Bitcoin Code Scam

Mr. Steve McKay says that he used to work as a software developer for a Wall Street company. There his boss asked him to develop and enhance an investment technological solution that would be able to tap into the cryptocurrencies market and that would generate solid returns on the portfolios of the company’s clients. But after the system was fully developed, the boss of Mr. McKay disappeared with it, practically stealing it for himself. Mr. McKay decided to test the software for himself and to share it with other people after seeing it can generate $550 per hour on full autopilot.
After that came the nickname – the 100-Million Dollar Man, and the popularity. According to the promotional video, Steve McKay has been featured in Forbes, discussed on CNN and has a solid reputation in the investment world after becoming a trader himself.

This is a far-fetched story. No information on such a person with such a background can be found on the web. Even the identity of Steve McKay cannot be confirmed. In addition to that, the Bitcoin Code is not even a platform for crypto-currency investments. It is just for trading digital options on full autopilot.
Final Thoughts

Our investigation into the Bitcoin Code system turned out very negative results and facts about the software. Its creator is a fake. It is based on a fake story that can entice the online investor. In fact, the Bitcoin Code has nothing to do with cryptocurrency trading apart from its name. The initial deposit of $250 you have to make is associated with an unreliable mixture of brokers and there is no guarantee that your funds are going to be safe.
Our overall impression of The Bitcoin Code is that it is a scam software and you should be very careful when approaching it. Rather choose a better and already proven to work alternative.