What Is 12 Week Mastery?

What Is 12 Week Mastery?


The Ultimate Productivity & Goal Achievement System & Community Guiding Our Members To Achieving More In 12 Weeks Than Others Do In 12 Months w/Proven & Tested Methods

When You Register As A Partner You Will Learn What Is Included In This Transformational Program Which Includes LIVE Interactive Training With NY Times Best Selling Co-Author of The 12 Week Year, Brian P. Moran, and you’ll gain access to a brief training video from Brian sharing the overview of these game changing strategies.

As a partner sending your tribe to the 4-part video series, you’ll be assisting them in developing clarity & focus on what matters most to them, with a healthy sense of urgency & system to get those important things done. It will be a HIGHLY valuable training series they’ll thank you for, which will lead them to wanting to continue on with our detailed hands on training program & community. They’ll be learning how to:

  • Take back control of their days & lives
  • Increase their incomes
  • Balance the priorities in their lives
  • Lower their stress
  • Accomplish their goals in record time
  • “Sing the songs” they were meant to sing
  • Defeat procrastination & fear once and for all



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