Brand Builders Academy Review and bonus

Ricky is what I like to call “jack of all trades” he has an awesome talent in coding, marketing and sales and on top of that is extremely helpful and supportive to both customers and his affiliates but even more rare is he goes the extra mile which most JV’s don’t. You support him and he’ll have your back for life.
– Dan Lew brand-builders-academy-review4
I have been very impressed with Ricky Mataka ability to develop marketing programs with so much creativity -while still keeping the marketer in mind. Its like he created them out his own personal needs in a lot of cases – which is where I find most of the best tools come from. His attention to detail is excellent too – its a rare thing to find someone who can make the programming side of things as honed as he has, while still making it look like a million bucks. On top of that he has the ability to communicate and teach that to others too. 10/10 from me!
– Cindy Baytte


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