VoteStream Review and bonus

VoteStream Review – So what is VoteStream?

To put it simply, VoteStream is the first app of it’s kind that lets you run live social voting contests, connected to facebooks reaction buttons, inside FB live videos.

These campaigns were previously only possible in 1 very expensive subscription app or via custom coded scripts…but we cracked the code, built a platform and have put this in the cloud, ready for you to use and sell to clients.votestream-review-compressed

VoteStream Review – Key Features

Check out some of the features in VoteStream (FE):

  • Cloud app – simply log in to VoteStream and create your campaign. Everything is easy to use and fully explained.
  • Unlimited campaigns – create as many VoteStream campaigns as you want!
  • Visual campaign builder – edit all colours, background images, video backgrounds and more in our powerful campaign builder
  • Multilingual front-end – create non-english language campaigns, full UTF-8 encoding
    2-6 items – choose how many choices you want to give your visitors
  • Background library – 100 HD images to use as backgrounds result display options – choose to display numbers, % values or set some placeholder numbers to kickstart your campaign real-time – updates in real time right inside the FB live video
  • Post-live viral – after your video is over and is a post on your page, it continues to attract likes etc
  • Video backgrounds – use any video as a background look for even more engagement
  • Detailed training – we explain how to use the free streaming app that VoteStream was designed for, how to use extra tweaks to encourage engageent even more and get the best results
  • Full “Start your stream” walkthrough – makes everything as simple as possible
  • Youzign – Integration with the leading cloud based design app
  • Templates – 5 built in templates to use for VoteStream campaigns
  • Personal use rights

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