Exact Model Review and bonus

What Is Exact Model

The one thing that most digital marketers struggle when it comes to releasing products and services online is…



The word “Copywriting” is scary. The idea of creating “words that sell,” has always been a struggle for most people starting online and even experienced entrepreneurs.

Today, I’m proud to introduce you to Exact Model.

With a proven track record and over 22+ years of experience, Anik and Jimmy are ready to help your customers create their direct marketing copy for their next project simply by Filling In The Blanks.

All done while TEACHING your customer how sales copy works!

Today I invite you to join in our release to help us promote it to the world!

Exact Model

Full & Instant Access

Instant Access to the Exact Model Software & Training Package.

With 200 Done For Your Pre-written Copy In multiple Niches – From Front End Copy to Upsells to Email

Exact Model Template Club

30 New Templates Per Month

We made our OTO 1 irresistible. Monthly Membership includes 30 new templates a month! Automatically loaded into the software and ready to go!


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