Social Stores Review and bonus

Social Stores Review 

Front End

A must have product your customers will absolutely love. There is a MASSIVE gap in the market where people are begging for a product which successfully combine Facebook and Amazon where they can actually attract buyers and make long term commissions. Social Stores will be their go to product for years to come allowing them to finally build Amazon stores INSIDE


The funnel opens with an unlimited and developers licence which buyers will completely eat up. We’re expecting high conversions on this OTO as it’s a completely no brainer offer allowing buyers to build UNLIMITED stores targeting any niche they wish too. The more stores they build the more commissions they make. It’s a win/win for all involved.


Buyers will then be shown our high converting, plug and play, done for you stores. We’ve had this on previous launches and we’ve seen $14+ EPC’s on just this offer. Your customers will want to get going with Social Stores right away without any hassle and this blends in perfectly allowing them access to 10 completely done for you stores with products added and graphics included. It’s a complete DFY solution.


With the Christmas season approaching we’ve added a MASSIVE done for you Christmas store as OTO 3. We’re pushing the Christmas period in our copy and with that in mind buyers will want to take advantage of this buyer season by purchasing this OTO. We fully expect $10+ EPC’s on this offer, providing huge value to your customers as well making you solid commissions.


We’ve decided to include a monthly DFY service for customers who’ll get access to 5 done for you stores each and every month. This is a plug and play solution targeting seasonal trend and other hot niches making sure buyers will get stores where products are in huge demand which will help them make more sales, not forgetting you’ll get recurring commissions in the process too.

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