ClickMSG Review and bonus

Aren’t you sick and tired of preaching the same old Facebook marketing strategies?

Good, because today something is about to open the floodgates to anyone doing any kind of Facebook marketing.clickmsg-review-and-bonus-compressed

Facebook recently rolled out a new feature in their ad manager called “Messenger”.

Yes, now Facebook allows you to send a personal message to anyone who clicks on your ad. It pops up right in their inbox and you can put in anything you want.


There is a huge problem with this. Right now, you can only send simple text messages that get lost in the sea of competition.

However, we found out that big brands we using this new ad format to actually put anything they wanted into these messages.

– Images
– Custom Headlines
– Custom Sub-Headlines
– Custom Call-to-Actions (lead generation & links to any website)
– & More

More bad news, these brands have been paying developers to custom code these “NEW” type of messages for them.

It’s not something you can setup on your own. It requires technical knowledge and programming knowledge.

Until now. Introducing ClickMSG.

ClickMSG will help give you the power to send out highly customized and personalized messages to your audience without having to become a computer geek with coding superpowers.

ClickMSG lets you create your own customized ad message in a 100% graphical system that works similar to the Facebook ad manager.
Yes you even get a live preview!

Click below to see how this NEW type of FB Message works…

Once again, this will not be possible without the exclusive ClickMSG
software unless you want to hire an coder for each and every campaign you run.

…Costing you time and money.

It’s available for a massive early bird discount right now, for a limited period of time.

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