Viral Pay Soft Review and bonus

OTO1 Viral Pay Soft Traffic Accelerator

Live Leaderboards, contests and Raffles are responsible for a lot of content going viral and sites becoming the HOTTEST thing since sliced bread over night.viral-pay-soft-review-compressed

  • With this feature you are able to keep track of contest participants and create live leaderboards for any type of competition for example the person who gets people to sign up the most using their tracking link, or maybe the person who’s friends have liked the post the most..
  • To running Raffle prices and the system doing all the tracking work for you.
  • There’s so much power in being able to create these types of traffic avalanche systems.

OTO2 Viral Pay Soft Theme Packs

Each month we’ll deliver 10 brand new High Quality Professional themes for your subscribers to use. These themes will be trial and tested to make sure they convert for us before releasing them too your subscribers. This will literally take away a Load of work needed for your subscriber to do so they can just focus on getting these live and making those dollars or building their list.

OTO3 Viral Pay Soft ReSell Rights

This will be the agency packet or the reseller rights. That’s right we’re giving your subscriber the whole works here.. Sales pages, Squeeze pages, follow up emails plus a heap load of training on where and how to sell this amazing piece of software. They’ll be able to lock and load a campaign up and start selling this piece of Kit within an hour.. I’ll be personally walking them through it all.


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