Shareify review and bonus


For all these years, people have been working so hard earning enough to have food on the table, clothes on the back, money to pay bills. When the standard of living get higher and higher, modern people tend to aspire for hobbies. Almost every person has his/her own hobbies.

The discussion does not just stop right there. Since more and more people have nurtured special hobbies that attract other people’s attention, the interest economy gradually forms itself.

So what if I tell you that you can monetize from these special leisure activities? It is completely possible with Shareify. Let’s follow my Shareify Review to know what it is and how it works.Shareify Review1-compressed


Shareify Review

Whenever you want to buy something, you have to know what it is. Let me do that for you.

Shareify is a digital course that gives you instructions on how to turn hobbies and skills into something you can get financial benefits from. You can do that by making small tutorial videos.

This method is definitely effective as it allows you to make good use of your skills and interests. On average, you can about $300 as a supplementary income each month. It is not so bad, isn’t it?

Shareify includes step-to-step guidelines about the overview as well as how to get started with making tutorials. You can always go and have a check back at the course if there is anything unclear or you need to update something.

You just need to have some special skills or hobbies. And thanks to Shareify, it is just a matter of time that you get a stable income from it every month.



The main point I want to mention in this part of the Shareify Review is the videos courses. When opening the package of Shareify, you will find many recordings as well as videos guiding you everything to build a decent tutorial.

It gives you a clear outline as well as tips on how to find ideas and things like that. Everything you need to know about the interest economy will be available inside Shareify.


There is nothing better than great stories. Here you will get access to many incredible stories that shows people’s success from pastime activities. This is to help learners get more motivation as well as provide typical examples for the lessons they have learned. It can be both beneficial and motivated.


Not only provide you with knowledge, skills, and stories to motivate, Shareify also supports learners by giving them opportunities to share ideas and help each other. Ultimately, it builds a strong foundation of knowledge and competency.



Over-the-shoulder video course
Access to our Facebook Mastermind group
In-depth case study included
100% newbie-friendly course
No website or previous IM experience required
100% ethical, proven method

Until now, I haven’t seen any big disadvantages of this method.


My problem with the old way of online marketing is how much work it takes for meager results. I’m sure you know what I mean. You spend months waiting for SEO and hoping to get lucky… or you spend a fortune on PPC and hope to make your budget back. Yea right, it’s no wonder so many people quit.

And about list building? Who likes to write emails? I sure don’t… because it can take me 5 hours to feel like I have the perfect one. The problem with list building is it takes time AND money AND hard work. It’s certainly not the fastest or easiest.

But now… there’s a way to bring in consistent revenue for your online business and all you need is 15 minutes. There’s no brain drain, no google headache, no SEO or PPC… just some clever marketing. I’m talking about this Shareify.

To recap:

– This is a case study with real results
– It only takes 15-20 minutes to set up
– It’s hands off and passive. Do the work once and you’re done.
– There’s no SEO headache or expensive paid ads. You don’t even need a website.
– Anyone can do this.

This is the most newbie-friendly system for making money online I’ve ever tried…

It’s fast and easy… and most importantly, it actually works! You can make REAL money with this that just keeps coming and coming without any additional work required.



The Front-End price for Shareify is extremely affordable – just $10 (but it’s going up with every sale). You can several different versions I have listed below.

OTO1 – Double Your Profits ($27)

A “course within a course”, which shows you how to double your profits instantly, by repurposing content on other digital teaching platforms.

OTO 2 – DFY Shareify Creator ($47)

This is a complete done-for-you solution that will allow you to remove the hassle of creating your own courses from scratch and fast-track your results.

OTO 3 – 1-on-1 Coaching ($67)

Greg Jeffries has agreed to do a series of four, one-on-one coaching sessions with buyers for just $67.

This is insane value as Greg normally charges $297 for a one-hour consultation.



Shareify’s goal is to help people monetize from their hobbies. Therefore it requires no level of knowledge or specialized skills from learners. It is a class that is suitable for everyone who has a hobby and wants to earn money from it. Regardless of age, regardless of education background, Shareify is for every level.

It’s like the vendor takes you by the hand and guide you how to do everything to get started and become financially stable.


It is amazing to know that the vendor team has been updating the course to make it complete and tailored to the need of students. The latest version provides you with many close-to-real-life case studies so that you will know what it would be like.

The course will guide you through many modern approaches to earn massive traffic and then monetize from it in the fastest way. This is definitely a smart strategy to increase sales as well as commission without using anything related to SEO or Google.


You can bake amazing cookies? Flower arrangement is not a tough challenge to you? Knowing how to knit baby booties? They are all wonderful.

Shareify offers you a chance to share your hobbies and help people with theirs. In returns, you will get a supplementary income that is big enough for you to afford what you have always been wishing for.

You also have chances to improve your skills or your hobbies in the process of making these videos. It encourages you to complete what you still lack and gives you a chance to learn many other amazing things in the field.

This is the first version of Shareify, it is completely fresh and new and updated when it comes to your hands. After finishing this Shareify Review, let’s grab the course right away, share your hobbies, launch tutorial videos and also make your hobbies cooler and cooler.


I have absolute trust on Shareify that you can earn an extra source of income thanks to Shareify. It is a spectacular method to earn money online without any specific knowledge or skill. Just do what you love and money will then come right at you.


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