Leadsensationz Review and Bonus

LeadSensationz OTO:

OTO#1: LeadSensationz PRO You can choose from 2 licenses the license that suits you: [+] Monthly Plan: $47/Month [+] Semi Annual Plan: $67/6 Months
Generate A One Click Website Analysis Report, Complete With Call To Action Buttons! Close clients easier than ever…Leadsensationz Review4-compressed
• Click to generate the report, then click again to send it straight to the client, showing them exactly what needs fixing, why it needs fixing, and even include tips on how they can fix it themselves.
• Includes your own call to action area to increase clicks and get more clients contacting you than ever before.
Can You See How Much More Valuable This Would Be To Them?
Not only does it look more professional, but it provides useful information that builds trust and really presells your services.
Just pick a client, then click to generate their custom report showing all their problems (whether it’s a slow loading website, poor SEO, lack of social media… then hit another button to send this report straight to their inbox using a ready—made, professional email template.
Now you can appear more credible, become a true authority, win more trust, provide even more value, and get more clients begging to hire you, on the spot. But that’s not all.
[+] With Leadsensationz Pro You can also…Shortlist Hot Prospects For Easy Follow Up:

• Perfect for organizing your prospects, and keeping you super focused on specific clients to contact…
• Create shortlists for hot prospects in dozens even hundreds of niches, without feeling overwhelmed or disorganized.
• Create lists of hot prospects for different parts of town, cities or countries.
[+] Want to know who’s reading your reports, and which businesses are most receptive and hungry for your help? Now you can with LeadSensationz PRO:
• If the report has been opened

• Time spent reading the report

• Whether the client clicked on call to action button or not

• Whether the client went through the entire report or not

[+] You Can Even Segregate Prospects Based On How Much Time They’ve Spent Reading Your Analysis Report…For example:

• People who haven’t read the report can be put into a cold prospects list • People who’ve read the entire report can be put into a warm prospects list Now you can focus on prospects who are warm and ready to hear from you, and ignore cold prospects who aren’t interested!
Imagine how much easier it is to follow up with prospects who you KNOW are interested in what you have to say — clients who have read your analysis report, and already understand the problems you’re helping them with?
Wouldn’t that be so much easier than randomly reaching out to somebody who hasn’t even read your report, and doesn’t even realize they have problems that need fixing?
Upgrade To Leadsensationz Pro And You Can:
[+] Automatically generate a Website Analysis Report, complete with call to action buttons:
• to explain problems, build trust, offer tips, provide a clear call to action and win more clients. [+] Shortlist hot prospects for easy follow up:

■ Perfect for organizing your prospects, and keeping you super focused on specific clients to contact. [+] See how your prospects are responding:
• Detailed stats show how prospects interact with your analysis report, and allow you to segregate clients into cold, warm or hot lists, so you can focus on clients who want your help the most!
[+] Put these things together, and you’ll be able to:
■ Turn More Prospects Into Clients, Become More Efficient, And Save A Ton Of Time.
Upgrade To Leadsensationz Pro And You’re Also Getting A Special Bonus Valued At $199:
[+] LeadSensationz PRO Local Training Bootcamp Video Sessions:
• These are 5 training sessions that take you through everything you need to know to become an in—demand local consultant, even if you’re starting from scratch.
■ So now you have an automatic tool to uncover and contact HOT prospects who desperately need your services — PLUS step by step training to deliver these services, grow your business, manage your daily tasks and never worry where the next paycheck is coming from.
Bootcamp #1: The Groupon Secret Sauce Recipe Bootcamp #2: Video Analyzer Method Bootcamp #3: How to Price Products and Services Correctly Bootcamp #4: How to Collect Information From Clients. Bootcamp #5: How to Get the Right Freelancers
OTO#2: Done For You Local Consultant Theme (Complete With Portfolio.) You can choose from 2 licenses the license that suits you: [+] [Agency Theme only]: Onetime Payment Of $67
[+] [Agnecy Theme + DFY 350+ Videos]: Onetime Payment Of $97 Fact is — every trustworthy consultant needs a website. Most of your potential clients will expect to see a website when you reach out to them. It’s a critical part of building trust and showing clients that you’re legit.
It’s also a great way to show off your portfolio, once you start getting more clients, more results and more examples. (Don’t worry — you don’t need a portfolio to close clients, but it can really help boost sales down the road.)

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