Profit Jackr Review and Bonus

Profit Jackr:

Profit Jackr is a brand new cloud based app that makes “launch jacking” fast, simple, and profitable… every single time. Not only does it help you find the BEST launches to “jack,” it makes getting traffic as childsplay. The software does ALL the work for you and automatically gets you 1st page rankings and tons of traffic… making you hundreds of dollars per campaign.Profit Jackr-Review

Profit Jackr is a complete “launch jacking” software tool that automates everything complicated and time-consuming about launch jacking.

It will help you find the best launches to jack and then it works to create backlinks to your videos and get you traffic fast. With this powerful software, it’s easy to outrank other “jackers” and get tons of converting traffic in just minutes.

Launch jacking is the most newbie friendly method of making an income in 2017…
• You can profit from other people’s products.
• The traffic is fast & free when you do it the right way.
• You can make instant commissions in just a few short hours.
• You get paid directly into your paypal account.
• It actually works and it’s pretty simple (although it can be pretty tedious to setup if you do it manually)
Unfortunately, it’s not all rainbows and roses. Jacking launches manually is as painful as a crawling across broken glass…
• Traditional launch jacking takes a lot of time to get each campaign setup… (sometimes 10 hours or more)
• Traditional launch jacking doesn’t work every single time… some campaigns “flop”
• Usually you make about $150-$200 with an average launch jacking campaign.
• The traffic comes slow and sometimes not at all… (there’s nothing worse than spending time on a campaign and not making a dime)…

That why Billy Darr along with David Kirby, Andrew Naser, and Justin Opay have together created Profit Jackr to automate the Launch jacking process and start making people money.

Profit Jackr’s Key Features:
1 Click YouTube Connect & 2 Tier Backlink Builder
Connect Your Web App To Your YouTube Channel. The Minute A Video Is Uploaded To YouTube The App Will Start The Backlink And Syndication Campaign

Manual Poster
The App Also Allows Manual Posting Directly From Within The App.

Built In Scheduler
You Can Schedule Which Times You Want Campaigns To Start With The Built In Scheduler.

Profit Jackr Analyzer
This software Also Have An Updated Launch List That Is Pulled From Muncheye In To The App. Now This Just Doesn’t Let You Know Of Upcoming Launches But Also Lets You Know Which Launch Would Be Easy Rank For.

Rank Tracker
The Built-in Rank Tracker Allows You To Monitor Your ProfitJackr Campaigns To See How Well They Are Doing

What inside:

Discover why launch jacking (the old way) is a waste of your time, and how to make hundreds every single week with Profit Jacking (the new, better and fast way…)
Why “Profit Jacking” is the easiest way for ANYONE to make money online… If you’ve been struggling to make money, you’re tired of putting in the hours and not getting results, and you want a simple method you can profit from THIS WEEK… this is for you…
The product creators’ll show you how to use the software and have your very first campaign LIVE, getting you traffic, and making you money TODAY fast.
How the product creators routinely use the Profit Jackr software to turn about 30 minutes of their time each week into hundreds in our PayPal like clockwork
The insider trick that makes The product creators’s method of “launch jacking” better than what everyone else is doing… (This one thing is why The product creators are constantly using this to beat out other “launch jackers” on the same launches)
The accidental method The product creators discovered that makes it easy to make as much as $500 on a single campaign… It doesn’t take any extra time to do this, you just need our Profit Jackr software and you’ll be able to squeeze out even more profits on your campaigns
Want to make more money this week? The product creators will show you how to get MAX leverage out of the Profit Jackr software to scale this baby up as BIG as you want to go…

How Does Profit Jackr Work?

Profit Jackr only take you three simple steps:

Step 1: Configure Profit Jackr with just a few click
Step 2: Connect YouTube to Profit Jackr
Step 3: Sit back and enjoy floods of free traffic and passive income while Profit Jackr Does Everything for you.
Here’s What The Profit Jackr App Will Do For You…

There’s nothing to install because Profit Jackr is securely hosted in the cloud… Use it from any computer… Any Device… Mac Os or Windows!…
Find the most profitable launches to “Hi-jack” using the included “find a launch” feature inside the software… You’ll always be able to “jack and profit” from the best launches out there and the software will even rate each launch from “easy” to “hard” to profit from
This simple software makes getting FREE traffic simple with built-in features designed to put you at the TOP of the search results for maximum profits!
Most people get stuck on the “tech stuff” with traditional online money-making methods… With the Profit Jackr software, The product creators intentionally added features that FORCE traffic right to YOU even if you’re 100% new…
Built-in “Rank BOOSTER” technology catapults your campaigns to the top of Google & YouTube automatically… This means… more traffic… and more money in your pocket with every campaign
Rank Tracker Allows You To Monitor How Well Your Campaigns Are Performing So No More Painful Manual Labour…
It Even Allow You To Schedule When The Campaigns Begin With The Built In Scheduler Designed To Make This A Totally Hands-Free System…
Not To Mention You Also Get Access To The Reporting Feature That Allows You To Run Reports And See How Your Profit Jacking Business Is Performing…

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