JVZoo Academy Review and Bonuses

What Is JVZoo Academy?JVZoo Academy Review and huge bonus 1-compressed

JVZoo Academy Product ImageSaveIf you’re looking into purchasing this product then chances are you’ve already tried your hand at affiliate marketing and have an idea as to what JVZoo actually is, but just in case you don’t then firstly let me explain it to you.

JVZoo is basically a marketplace for digital products that connects sellers with affiliates (people who promote the sellers products for a commission). It’s completely free to sign up to JVZoo so anyone can join & begin promoting the products found in the marketplace to earn themselves commissions.

The problem though is that it’s not quite as easy as signing up, sharing the links & becoming an overnight millionaire. There’s all sorts of different factors that determine your success with affiliate marketing & to be honest, it can be quite a struggle.

That’s where the JVZoo Academy comes into play, because Sam Bakker is aware of the struggle many new affiliate marketers face & has decided to launch his own product that teaches you how to become successful by promoting products within the JVZoo marketplace.

And Sam Bakker isn’t just somebody that’s turned up talking the talk trying to part you with your cash, he’s a real JVZoo “guru” that’s been there and got the t-shirt. In fact over the years he’s actually generated a whopping $8 million dollars in commissions through JVzoo so it’s fair to say he walks the walk.

What Training Is Inside of JVZoo Academy?
The JVZoo Academy training is targeted at a bunch of different audiences, but the “big bucks” training is more geared towards those who are looking to use the network to actually go ahead & launch their own product.

Don’t get me wrong there is plenty of training on promoting products as an affiliate too, but ultimately the push of the product is to teach you how you can create your own product & how you can create an explosive launch for quick-fire commissions.

It’s said to share the exact techniques that one particular JVZoo member used to generate over $90,000 in less than 7 days, and whilst that sounds like an extremely bold claim keep in that mind that this product is JVZoo endorsed so the chances of that being make-believe are pretty slim. This is the real deal.

The interesting thing about the JVZoo Academy product is that Sam claims he’s held nothing back. Inside the members area you’ll be provided with countless amounts of case studies so that you can actually see first hand that his advice provides results, which I appreciate because at the end of the day you don’t want to be wasting time taking action on advice that you cant be sure is even going to guarantee results.

The JVZoo Academy is by no a means a product where you’re ditched with a bunch of videos & left to get on with it. You’re provided with bundles of information in various different forms including easy to digest cheat sheets, access to community support & even on-going monthly upgrades to bring you more information on top of what you already get when you first join.

To summarise, here’s what the 4 core modules inside of JVZoo Academy consist of:

In this module you’ll basically learn how to make the best use of JVZoo to achieve maximum profits.

Business Foundations
In this part of the training Sam will literally teach you how to build your own successful online business (as an affiliate marketer OR product creator) and most importantly he’ll share techniques that will help you to make it sustainable.

Selling Your Own Products
The clues in the title of the this one, but in this module you’ll learn exactly how to pick a niche, how to create a high-converting product for your chosen niche & how you can leverage JVZoo to generate maximum profits per launch in the shortest timeframe possible.

Promoting As An Affiliate
In this module Sam shares his tips on finding the offers that will generate you the most income as well as sharing the techniques that he personally uses to create powerful affiliate campaigns.

How Much Does JVZoo Academy Cost?
During the initial 7 day launch period of the academy product itself it will be sold at a one-time fee of $197, and that fee will give you full access to everything including all of the future updates (and the 2 offers mentioned below).

However, once the initial launch period is over the product will be sold for a recurring monthly fee instead, but at the moment details as to what that fee will be haven’t been released. My guess is that Sam is waiting to see how the launch performs before he makes a final decision on the price.

On top of the JVZoo Academy product itself Sam is also launching 2 other offers alongside it to give you the opportunity to get even more training. He claims that despite being “additions” they pack enough material to be entire standalone courses.

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