Pinflux Review and Bonus

What is Pinflux?
Pinterest is the fastest growing traffic source for e-commerce, brands, bloggers
and even social media marketers. With nearly 200 million monthly active
users , a high presence of female users, and a big percentage of buyers, this
platform is vital for any online marketer’s success.Pinflux Review-compressed

Till now Pinterest lay untapped for automation because there was no effective
automation software that unlocked every feature of Pinterest. Pinflux is the first such software.

Pinflux is the most powerful desktop based, traffic automation tool that is going to run fast and easy to yield you best Pinterets marketing results.

How does it work?

What are the great Features of Pinflux?
– Works with multiple boards across multiple IDs.

– Automates pinning of fresh content.

– Search and automatically finds powerful content from Pinterest.

– Finds pins in any niche and repins them to your boards.

– Automatically follows niche targeted profiles. Unfollow automation for profiles that did not follow you back.

– Like & activity automation.

– 100% support for manual actions. You can do everything from within Pinflux

Pinflux sets your Pinterest marketing on fast track, gives you tons of more benfits and it’s all too easy to set and run.

Why should you buy it?
=> Schedule pins actions across multiple boards for higher visibility and more chances of people following you back, and buying from you too.

=> Complete reporting keeps you updated

=> 100% Manual Control At Every Level so you can customize just the way you want!

=> Powerful keyword research features lets you find pins in any niche blazing fast and easy.

Price of this Pinflux?
OTO 1:

Enhanced and supercharged version of Pinflux unlocks more powerful automation features and also supports more number of accounts and boards. Perfect for professional Pinterest marketers.

OTO 2:

The agency version of Pinflux unlocks all features, and also supports Unlimited accounts and Unlimited boards. Perfect for professional marketers who want to do Pinterest marketers for others as well as themselves.

OTO 3:

Powerful content automation software for Facebook and for blogging. This in combination with Pinflux lets your users create a three pronged automation strategy that covers 1) Pinterest, 2) Facebook, 3) Blogging.


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