Daily Income Method Review

The Daily Income Method is a sales funnel service for marketing subscriptions to the Motor Club of America (MCA).

What Is Daily Income Method?Daily Income Method Review-compressed

The Daily Income Method is the brainchild of Mack Zidan, a veteran MLM and affiliate marketing entrepreneur.

Zidan rose to fame as one of the most prolific affiliate recruiter for well-known MLM Empower Network, though he has since left Empower under relatively unclear controversial circumstances.

Daily Income Method Product

There are two products for sale here – first is a subscription membership to MCA, an organization that offers roadside assistance, travel discounts, and other services to its members.

The price of membership is $40 – which pays for the first month and the last month of service – and then a recurring $19.99 a month after that.

It’s not a requirement to become a MCA member yourself. However, to make use of the second product it is necessary to become a MCA affiliate and market its membership to others.

The next product is Mack Zidan’s sales funnel service for MCA. Zidan charges a rate of $27 a month for access to the service. The details of the service are concealed behind a pay gate.

Daily Income Method Opportunity

The opportunity expressed by MCA, through Zidan’s promotional materials, is that selling a $40 membership to MCA nets a 200% commission.

This is a marketing tactic on MCA’s part, gambling that motorists will be satisfied with their service enough to renew their subscriptions enough times to turn a profit – which enables them to pay out $80 on each sale.

There are additional incentives. According to Zidan, MCA will increase commissions for an affiliate to $90 per sale if that affiliate makes 30 sales within a single month.

Daily Income Method Verdict

The MCA affiliate opportunity is a very strong one.

It’s a well-established company, having been in operation since 1929, though we feel that most Americans are more familiar with its better-known rival the Automobile Association of America (AAA), which offers a similar line of membership services.

However, the MCA’s supreme confidence in its membership, as demonstrated by its 200% commission rate, may not be unfounded. A cursory examination of the services an MCA membership offers meets or exceeds the benefits of an AAA membership, at least on paper.

This makes the service a good candidate for affiliate marketing action.

What’s less clear is how well Zidan’s sales funnel system works. Daily Income Method has a relatively low cost – just $27 a month – so it certainly pays for itself and then some if it enables an affiliate to convert just one MCA affiliate sale over that period.

What we’re more concerned about are the methods Daily Income Method actually use, as there’s little to no information available without investing at least an initial $27 in the program.

Additionally, Zidan’s reputation as a top-tier internet marketer isn’t free from blemish.

A highly visible spat between Zidan and Empower Network that resulted in Zidan no longer being affiliated with the MLM has generated a lot of publicity in the world of internet marketing, with just as many people pointing at Empower as being in the wrong as there are individuals accusing Zidan of some sort of wrongdoing.

However, the full details of the conflict between Zidan and Empower are too convoluted and complex for us to discuss here in detail.

In the end, there are two things being evaluated here: the MCA affiliate program, and the Daily Income Method sales funnel. The former seems to be a very solid affiliate opportunity, based on our analysis of the service and the impressively high commission rate.

It’s less clear whether the latter will be a benefit to MCA affiliates looking to market the service.

Admittedly, the price of becoming a Daily Income Method member is low enough initially to warrant giving Zidan’s method a try. It may be ideal especially for those new to internet marketing, at least from an educational viewpoint.

As long as you enter into it with your eyes open, there seems to be little undue risk. https://www.mylinkspage.com/daily-income-method-review/


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