Traffikrr Review and Bonus

Traffikrr Review

Hey guys, if you want to make real money online, it really boils down to you have 3 main things…
You Need a Website With Fresh, Quality Content — Well the very first thing that you need to fetch traffic and make conversion is to create professional money making business website for you. Most people get stuck before they ever get going. Creating a website takes time and it’s hard to make a website that actually looks good and works… especially if you’re just starting out.Traffikrr

Then you have to fill your website with content, which can take even more time. The fresher the content, the more relevant and engaging your website will be.
You Need Traffic — If you managed to get your website up and running, getting traffic is even harder for most people. There are a lot of options out there for traffic Free traffic, paid traffic and most traffic methods are complicated and time-consuming.

Almost all the paid traffic methods you see are way harder than they say, and a lot of the FREE traffic methods out there are downright time-consuming and complicated.
Sales Conversion — If you do manage to get your website up and get traffic coming to your site, then you need to convert your visitors into buyers.

Whether you’re promoting affiliate offers, CPA offers, or your own stuff, getting people to click and buy is a challenge for most online marketers.

So the bottom line is that if you can achieve all these above points successfully then only you can expect a good passive income online.

[x] But doing these 3 things on your own can take countless hours

[x] And it can be extremely frustrating if you’re trying to figure everything out on your own

[x] Outsourcing is an option, but you’ll easily spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars

What’s The Solution then?

Thus by keeping in mind with all these issues the leading marketers Glynn Kosky and Ariel Sanders have come up with an innovative solution through their latest innovation called Traffikrr.

It is a next generation 3-in-1 autopilot software that takes the hard, time-consuming tasks in your online business and makes it easier than ever to make money online. It is a powerful plugin for WordPress that will build you a viral “money site” in minutes filled with content and videos direct from YouTube on complete auto pilot.

Why Traffikrr Is a 3-in-1 Software?

Traffikrr is the ultimate All-In-One viral traffic & sales machine.
One Click Site Builder — Traffikrr creates a website for you with the click of a mouse. Simply paste a link to any YouTube channel and the software will search YouTube for the newest and freshest videos to use to create your site.

This means, your site is always filled with the highest quality content which means better engagement and ultimately more traffic and sales.
Traffic Getting Software — After Traffikrr builds your website, it automatically posts links on your Facebook page to get you tons of high-quality Free traffic.

In addition to Facebook, the software also pings your latest video posts to Tumblr, Twitter & Linkedin for even more traffic.
Traffikrr Will Make You Money — When visitors hit your newly created website, you can put overlays with links to affiliate offers, CPA offers, or any kind of offer you want in seconds.

You can also make money through the various methods of advertising you could deploy onto the website that Traffikrr builds for you. This is all in addition to building a Huge List on complete autopilot with the optin overlay feature.

…Start Getting Viral Traffic With The Help of Some
of The Most Popular Channels on Youtube…

What Exactly Is Traffikrr?

Traffikrr is an extremely powerful WordPress plugin that will build you a viral “money site” in minutes filled with content and videos direct from Youtube on complete auto pilot.

Traffikrr will then automatically search for new videos on Youtube channels you select, as often as you wish, and then the minute those videos are posted on Youtube, the plugin then posts these new videos direct to your “money site” and create a brand new post on your blog and pushes these videos onto your Facebook fan page at the very same minute.

You only need to setup the plugin and website once. No further maintenance or work is ever required as the plugin will continue to search for new videos on the channels you select, every fifteen minutes forever.

Once Traffikrr has grabbed videos from Youtube, it automatically pings them to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Tumblr.


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