PerkZilla Review

Perkzilla Review

In July, I was lucky enough to be given an invitation to be an early adopter of PerkZilla – a very unique software I must say. One of its kind. Actually, I fell in love with its logo; the Zilla – very Cute!

I grabbed the $67 plan since that will be the best plan for me to try it out. Hence, this Perkzilla Review!PerkZilla Review – 4-min

The software is not opened for public when I purchased it so I’m not sure whether you will get the same price.

What EXACTLY Is PerkZilla

Perkzilla is a viral rewards platform where you can quickly and easily setup refer-a-friend style giveaways, sweepstakes, and product launches.

You could use PerkZilla to:

build excitement with launch campaigns for new products, features or services
run viral contests and giveaways to engage and grow existing audiences
collect email addresses in exchange for an opt-in bribe, digital download or coupon
grow a fan list before starting a PerkZilla campaign
collect signups at an event or in-store with a dedicated signup tablet
manage multiple campaigns in one account
PerkZilla is Cloud-based Software so there is nothing to download or install. You can use any web browser! It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets or mobile devices!

How much does it cost?
Well let’s cut the chase, it costs only $67 for the most basic and . . .

Well, there is lot to like but I will highlight three things that can help you generate more income:

Ease of Use
Feature Requests
Support & Knowledge Base
(This tutorial is completely owned by Perkzilla – Promote Labs Inc. All copyright reserved to Promote Labs Inc)

The video below will show you how easy it is to setup a new viral campaign with Perkzilla.


Click on “My Campaigns” then click Add New. Everything is set to a “default” which is pretty much universal to make it quick and easy for you.


Choose a name for this campaign – so you can identify it in your dashboard
Choose which set of emails you would like to use
There are 6 “sets” of emails you can choose from. You can familiarize yourself with what is provided in the EMAILS tab which we will cover later in this article
Choose your Site Title – it will be used in your emails, etc!
Choose the root domain were you will be putting this form
Click NEXT to move on to the Form Settings
If you have to leave the page and want to continue later – be sure to save & update
If you need any assistance, click the beacon and search the FAQ or contact support
Form Settings

The default settings have been carefully chosen to be acceptable in a large majority of cases, however everything is customizable too!

Name label and placeholder text
Email label and place holder text
Button Text
If you want to track your opt ins, you can place tracking pixel/code/etc on a separate page – and put the URL of that page here

5. Your opt-ins are stored in PerkZilla but if you wish to also collect them in your own autoresponder you can do so by selecting YES and choosing the Autoresponder from those you already set up in the previous step

6. Form alignment can be left, right or center

7. The form can be “stacked” or horizontal

8. Autoscrolling – If set to YES, when your page is displayed, it will automatically scroll so the form is displayed

9. Set this to Yes if you want double opt-in to your list here in PerkZilla.

10. You can completely customize the colors used on the form to match your branding.

11. When you’re all set – click NEXT

You can see how easy it is to set up the campaign. Perkzilla also provides tutorial on On Screen Messages, Emails, Setting Up Trigger Reward Email Notifications and so many others even though the software is super easy to use.

And so many other tutorials. I will share some others down there if you scroll down. There is no excuse at all not to be using it.

How to use PerkZilla to Create A Viral Product Launch Campaign
For digital product creator or software developer, I highly suggest you watch this demo to create a viral Product Launch Campaign. Hitting the best product of the day, month or even year is not impossible anymore!

The power of the word of mouth is super amazing and you can easily make it happens.

Watch how it’s done! (Please be patient, the video may take a few moments to load)


How to use PerkZilla for a Coupon Giveaway Campaign
Setting up a Coupon Giveaway Campaign in just 2 minutes
For ecom store owners, this is the perfect way to scale up your business presence and boost more sales!!

Plan : Give a coupon to your visitor when they share your your store/ products to their friends!

Watch to see how it’s done:

(Please be patient – the video may take a moment or 2 to load)


Let’s face it. Nobody’s perfect.

Okay guys, just like other software reviews, I will definitely point out the downside of the product.

So what’s the perk of Perkzilla? 😀

PerkZilla is a software that makes simple the process of making things viral. Be it a new product launch or even promoting products in ecom stores.

I will highly recommend it for digital product maker and ecom owners.


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