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Three things website owners desire? Traffic, traffic , and traffic. Thousands of online marketers and entrepreneurs have been struggling every single day to boost the traffic, which becomes the conversion. Traffic-generating tool has no longer been a concept that is fresh, yet their real performance is highly questionable. Social Traffic Jacker; nevertheless, seems to redefine the standard of a traffic engine optimization. This Social Traffic Jacker review-will thus offer an honest evaluation with this software’s worth.

Vendor: Andrew Darius Etal
Product: Social Jacker
Establish Date: 2017-Jun-06
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT

Recommend: Recommend
Home Page:
Re Fund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: SoftwareSocial Jacker Review-compressed

Social Traffic Jacker is just a web site tool that automates targeted traffic campaigns. Also it is going to be just like every other traffic application if it does not have this premium feature. It allows for evergreen traffic generation, and set the campaigns running forever on user’s requirement.

This software focuses on generating such traffic that could develop into the high-value conversion. In other words, its purpose is always to maximize any traffic effort and offer massive exposure for any business. This Social Traffic Jacker Review will later specify just what it is capable of.

Here is summary of Social Traffic Jacker:

-Social Traffic Jacker is a tool for automated top quality social curation that adds your offers every shared connection.

-With Social Traffic Jacker you can add 3 accounts on 3 high traffic social platforms, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

-Together With Social Traffic Jacker you can add up to 4 CTA’s To Scan & Split Test

What Makes You Different From Different Traffic Jacking Tools?

-The most significant difference is that it uses RSS feeds from any site, youtube channel or some other RSS feed all to activate social shares.

-Ideally this is achieved using Authority sites or Influencers blogs in your targeted niche.

-Social Traffic Jacker has analytics data right down to each individual CTA level for each campaign.

-If you’re delighted with split testing results the campaigns can be left exclusively to run forever!

-If you want to just book post with no CTA for some campaigns this can be done by simply not adding some CTA in effort settings, this will create a effort for simply sharing quality content within minutes of being posted

What Type OF CTA’s Could Be Used?

-Full-page Optin Splash Pages

-Traditional Opt-in Popups

-Banner Ads

-Video Popups With CTA

-Any Type Of Image CTA

-This is for every type of entrepreneurs, from neighborhood consultants, affiliates, amazon affiliates, product creators, CPA marketers & More

How Is It Used To Build Business Growth?

With everything running 100% autopilot after split testing, optimizing and tweaking campaigns you can have

-100% Automated List Building

-100% Automated Social Growth100 percent Automated Service To Offer Clients

-100% Automated Lead Generation

-100% Automated Affiliate Commissions

-100% Automated Amazon Affiliate Campaigns

-100% Automated Sales

About author

Andrew Darius is a reputable writer of several products in the field of online marketing. Andrew, along with his elaborate research and experience in traffic technique, has helped thousands of marketers to maximize their own campaign.

Social Traffic Jacker is one of his latest products, which claims to be another huge hit out of this famous author. Now this Social Traffic Jacker Review will announce on the features of this software to see if it deserves to know what it claims.
Features & Benefits
Identify high converting content

Social Traffic Jacker identifies the articles that can go viral on social networking, which enables its users to draw and maintain target audience’s attention. It ensures the quality of this material to be recognizable and trustworthy. As a result, it provides the chances for converting your high-value traffic.
Target lead magnets

The significance of quality lead magnets is undeniable. They facilitate the progress of the marketing campaign in targeting the audiences and customers. It allows for easy and quick target identification, which makes the marketing campaigns more efficient and productive.

With Social Traffic Jacker, users don’t have to pay any extra fee. What exactly my Social Traffic Jacker Review really appreciates about this application is that it does not compromise the cost-effectiveness with the traffic quality. In reality, this software ensures the traffic to become as high-converting as possible.
Analyze, tweak, and optimize traffic campaign

Social Traffic Jacker stands apart from your competition using its long-lasting price. Besides the effect of boosting the traffic, it also ensures that the smooth and productive performance of the overall advertising and marketing effort.

Together with CTAs for split testing, users may set their campaign in just a matter of minutes. More importantly, Social Traffic Jacker utilizes the actual data tweak and to analyze the effort. It offers a view of how the effort is happening.

How does it operate?

As this Social Traffic Jacker Review already stated, this software is an internet traffic tool which set the traffic campaigns. It keeps exactly the traffic stream flowing permanently, reducing manual involvement in to the technical process.

Create — Identify the content for massive traffic

Target — Focus on the target audience

Optimize — Set the visitors campaigns running mechanically

Who should buy it?

In actuality, Social Traffic Jacker does not restrict to some marketing niche or any marketing purpose. You can be a marketer, a business owner, a website developer, or anyone that wants a boost in traffic. As long as there is an interest in enhancing the traffic and improving the website performance, there is a need for using this software.

Pros & Cons


High-quality traffic
Easy and traffic generation
Elaborate campaign analytics
Precise audience targeting
Evergreen and ever-growing traffic stream


Price increases following the launching week
Limited early bird discount

Personal Experience

Social Traffic Jacker is actually a straightforward and cost-effective tool for traffic generation. It is thus especially suitable for those who do not desire to join up in virtually any complicated technical procedure. It’s fair this tool significantly saves time and effort.

What I enjoy the most about this particular traffic tool is that it provides a long-term value of the traffic. It keeps the traffic flowing 100 percent automatically, relieving most of the tension and frustration once otherwise accessing the traffic.

1 thing that I really don’t enjoy about this software? It’s probably the price increase after 7 days from the launch date. Andrew will give you just a limited amount of early bird discounts for those who take fast action.
Evaluation & Price

Social Traffic Jacker is now available at $27. As soon as I already said in this Social Traffic Jacker Review, then the price will significantly increase after the launch week. The late bird gets no worm, if you want the discount, grab it ASAP.

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