Lifetime Studio FX Review


If you want to design by yourself some tool which is helpful for your ales, you would try some media designing software or eBook cover, and I am sure that it made you in a mess. And if you are a businessman, it’s very and very important for you to make some ebook covers because we all know how best it is when you use them to make the profit.

Like what I said, you tried a lot of software to make your own one; therefore, you can understand that it is very difficult to make an eBook, how long it takes you to make eBook. Especially, they have to be attractive the clients. That’s why Lifetime Studio FX was “born”.Lifetime Studio FX Review2-compressed

My Lifetime Studio FX Review will let you see how it can bring to you by using Lifetime Studio FX for your things. Let’s see!

Lifetime Studio FX Review – Overview

Vendor: Richard Madison
Product: Lifetime Studio FX
Launch Date: 2017-Oct-25
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: Software
What is it?

Lifetime Studio FX, a Lifetime Bundled Version of both Pixel Studio FX (called as PSFX) and Social Studio FX (called as SSFX). In this September, Richard Madison was successful to purchase these two software tools from Jimmy Kim.

Pixel Studio FX is an online service which allows people to create the professional, high converting eCovers and box art in only 60 seconds or less. There have about 13,000 members who have created more than 190,000 eCovers.

Pixel Studio FX is the world’s easiest-to-use design tool for eBooks with more than 8,000 stock images, 28,000 unique designs, 6,000 web icons, and 650 more professional templates.

Social Studio FX, which is known as an online service which allows people to create beautiful, highly-engaging designs for the social media & advertising in only three simple steps. It allows you to design more than 66 different platforms and sizes, from Facebook to Twitter or Instagram and even some popular website banners; they always have the perfect size for your projects which is trusted by over 3,000 members.

About the author – Richard Madison


Richard Madison is a professional software producer. He has many of famous products which have good feedbacks from over the world such as Lifetime.Hosting, Lifetime Hosting 2, Lifetime Hosting Black Friday, Lifetime Hosting Relaunch, Lifetime Stock Video, Lifetime Black Friday, Lifetime Chat and many others.

They are proud of presenting to you this wonderful newbie which can bring to you the most different than ever, Lifetime Studio FX.

Features of Lifetime Studio FX

Do It Yourself Tools

This is known as one of The Highest Niches on JVZoo. Even the smallest business owners, now they can afford to outsource their graphics. It allows you to generate the perfect looking eCovers, Box Art, Online Advertisements, Social Media Images and more with none of the experience.

Proven Products.

This is not a start up which have just presented to the market. It has Over 15,000 Units Sold for $950,000. Pixel Studio FX, Pixel Studio FX 2 and Social Studio FX has got almost $1,000,000 on the JVZoo network for only two years. Paying affiliates over $500,000 in three previous launches. This bundle Lifetime Studio FX is expected to make a huge bang to this industry.

Lifetime Hosting & Lifetime Stock Video

Their sales is selling over $1,000,000 in about 14 months. The Lifetime brand products, which have launched since August 2016, have sold more than 20,000 units for over $1,000,000. In Average, it’s more than $35,000 monthly to our affiliates.

How does it work?

Step 1: Set the Lifetime Studio FX into your implement.
Step 2: Doing step-by-step
Step 3: Watch the training videos and make your sites.
It would be little complicated for you as a newbie but after this, it can help you to become a professional designer. Let’s see the details on Sale Page.



Who should use it?

If you want to make a change for your way on making eBooks to get more profit and in the fastest way, you should you this software.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Lifetime Studio FX HTML5/CSS3 and PC/MAC Compatible
Drag & Drop User Interface
Ease Of Use & Complete User Experience
Quality Of Unique Designs & Models
Lifetime Studio FX Cross-browser Compatibility
The simple, professional-level e-cover design software.
3-D product and bundle shots!
The Cash Palette project search engine.
Lifetime Studio FX has Complete video training!
Turns key design business
Mastermind webinars.
One-time investment.

The training video would be a little bit difficult for you to keep up. Therefore, you have to follow all steps carefully.
Price and evaluation

The front end of Lifetime Studio FX costs $47; it includes both Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX. These are currently offered on their website at $200/year together. Previously, these have never sold for less than $94, and this price will go up by $1-$3 daily for urgency. Hurry up!

The Lifetime Studio FX Enterprise/Pro costs $97; it includes the upgrades to PSFX Enterprise and SSFX Enterprise. Current pricing for this is $400/year. And with the Lifetime Studio FX Enterprise/Pro Downsell, you have Lifetime Studio FX Enterprise/Pro.

The Lifetime Studio FX 1-Pay PSFX Club costs $97. This is a one-time payment for one year of PSFX Monthly Template Club.

There’s no reason for you not to bring this wonderful software to your home.


PerkZilla Review

Perkzilla Review

In July, I was lucky enough to be given an invitation to be an early adopter of PerkZilla – a very unique software I must say. One of its kind. Actually, I fell in love with its logo; the Zilla – very Cute!

I grabbed the $67 plan since that will be the best plan for me to try it out. Hence, this Perkzilla Review!PerkZilla Review – 4-min

The software is not opened for public when I purchased it so I’m not sure whether you will get the same price.

What EXACTLY Is PerkZilla

Perkzilla is a viral rewards platform where you can quickly and easily setup refer-a-friend style giveaways, sweepstakes, and product launches.

You could use PerkZilla to:

build excitement with launch campaigns for new products, features or services
run viral contests and giveaways to engage and grow existing audiences
collect email addresses in exchange for an opt-in bribe, digital download or coupon
grow a fan list before starting a PerkZilla campaign
collect signups at an event or in-store with a dedicated signup tablet
manage multiple campaigns in one account
PerkZilla is Cloud-based Software so there is nothing to download or install. You can use any web browser! It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets or mobile devices!

How much does it cost?
Well let’s cut the chase, it costs only $67 for the most basic and . . .

Well, there is lot to like but I will highlight three things that can help you generate more income:

Ease of Use
Feature Requests
Support & Knowledge Base
(This tutorial is completely owned by Perkzilla – Promote Labs Inc. All copyright reserved to Promote Labs Inc)

The video below will show you how easy it is to setup a new viral campaign with Perkzilla.


Click on “My Campaigns” then click Add New. Everything is set to a “default” which is pretty much universal to make it quick and easy for you.


Choose a name for this campaign – so you can identify it in your dashboard
Choose which set of emails you would like to use
There are 6 “sets” of emails you can choose from. You can familiarize yourself with what is provided in the EMAILS tab which we will cover later in this article
Choose your Site Title – it will be used in your emails, etc!
Choose the root domain were you will be putting this form
Click NEXT to move on to the Form Settings
If you have to leave the page and want to continue later – be sure to save & update
If you need any assistance, click the beacon and search the FAQ or contact support
Form Settings

The default settings have been carefully chosen to be acceptable in a large majority of cases, however everything is customizable too!

Name label and placeholder text
Email label and place holder text
Button Text
If you want to track your opt ins, you can place tracking pixel/code/etc on a separate page – and put the URL of that page here

5. Your opt-ins are stored in PerkZilla but if you wish to also collect them in your own autoresponder you can do so by selecting YES and choosing the Autoresponder from those you already set up in the previous step

6. Form alignment can be left, right or center

7. The form can be “stacked” or horizontal

8. Autoscrolling – If set to YES, when your page is displayed, it will automatically scroll so the form is displayed

9. Set this to Yes if you want double opt-in to your list here in PerkZilla.

10. You can completely customize the colors used on the form to match your branding.

11. When you’re all set – click NEXT

You can see how easy it is to set up the campaign. Perkzilla also provides tutorial on On Screen Messages, Emails, Setting Up Trigger Reward Email Notifications and so many others even though the software is super easy to use.

And so many other tutorials. I will share some others down there if you scroll down. There is no excuse at all not to be using it.

How to use PerkZilla to Create A Viral Product Launch Campaign
For digital product creator or software developer, I highly suggest you watch this demo to create a viral Product Launch Campaign. Hitting the best product of the day, month or even year is not impossible anymore!

The power of the word of mouth is super amazing and you can easily make it happens.

Watch how it’s done! (Please be patient, the video may take a few moments to load)


How to use PerkZilla for a Coupon Giveaway Campaign
Setting up a Coupon Giveaway Campaign in just 2 minutes
For ecom store owners, this is the perfect way to scale up your business presence and boost more sales!!

Plan : Give a coupon to your visitor when they share your your store/ products to their friends!

Watch to see how it’s done:

(Please be patient – the video may take a moment or 2 to load)


Let’s face it. Nobody’s perfect.

Okay guys, just like other software reviews, I will definitely point out the downside of the product.

So what’s the perk of Perkzilla? 😀

PerkZilla is a software that makes simple the process of making things viral. Be it a new product launch or even promoting products in ecom stores.

I will highly recommend it for digital product maker and ecom owners.

The Ethereum Code Review

Ethereum Code Review – What is The Ethereum Code Software? Does Ethereum Code System really work? How does Ethereum Code work? Is Ethereum Code App Scam? Learn the real truth about Ethereum Code in my honest Ethereum Code Review below:

Ethereum Code Overview

Product complete : Ethereum Code

Niche: Binary Options

Official website :

Money-back Promise : Yes (2 months)

Delivery amount : Fast Delivery

Download: FreeThe Ethereum Code Review-min

Ethereum Code Review

Ethereum Code is a unique binary trading software system that has been designed to make profiting from binary options easy for practically anyone in the world. If you are looking for an honest Ethereum Code review, continue reading.

Have you been thinking about taking part in the binary options trading market? There are a lot of ways for people to become involved in trading these options, but there are inherent problems that come along with any sort of options trading. Many people have traditionally needed to know a lot about the market, so that they could make the right choices, and increase their odds of profiting. This has basically kept the industry closed to outsiders, and anyone who does not have previous knowledge about the market.

What is Ethereum Code?

Ethereum Code is a system that was carefully created to help people make money with binary options trading. Unlike the traditional method of following the options, reading about the different trades, and trying to stay on top of the industry manually – this is a completely automated system. It takes advantage of special Ethereum Code, which can be used by anyone, no matter how much they know about trading, or how much they know about using a computer.

Like all programs that are intended to help you earn money through trading binary options, the makers of Ethereum Code promis a lot. The question is, of course: can it really do everything that it is meant to? Firstly, take a look at the features that the system comes with:

It is completely free to use, and you will never be asked for money for its use in the future.
Ethereum Code only works with completely legal networks and brokers.
It will work all over the world.
You don’t have to download the software, because it is based online. This also means that it will work through web browsers on any type of PC, smart phone or tablet with internet connection.

This system is guaranteed to increase your chances of making big profits by trading in binary options. You will be able to access your money easily, at any time after earnings are made. This seems like a great set of features, especially the part about not costing anything. However, keep reading to find out how many of these things are actually true.

Fruitphul Review and Bonus

 Fruitphul Review

Welcome to my Fruitphul Review. If you are looking for a honest Fruitphul review, then you have come to a right place.


Curious? Skip my review to visit Fruitphul Review official site now!

Fruitphul Review – Overview
Creators: Ben Murray et al
Product: Fruitphul
Price: $67
Date Of Launch: 2017-Oct-26
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Niche: Video
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site: Click Here
Bonuses: Yes, Bonus from my site
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All LevelsFruitphul Review1-min

Fruitphul Review – What Is Fruitphul?
Fruitphul is a high-quality training called “Fruitphul Reboot Camp” integrated on and a cloudbased software “Fruitphul App”.

The system and app will help users set goals and accomplish them far faster in business AND personal life (B2C app).


Success and ‘luck’ really starts inside your own head. I’ve discovered a complete system, based on scientific research and proven psychological studies to help you clearly outline what’s really important to you and achieve it far faster than you think with a totally new way of thinking and behaving.

It’s a total success rewiring “ReBoot” of your brain and biology. This isn’t a bunch of little ‘hacks’ or dump of information. And no weird mind tricks or brainwashing here.

And certainly not anything to do with the ‘law of attraction’. Trust me, I shelled out a lot of money, did some ‘visualization’, and waited for the universe to bring me what I wanted, but nothing ever happened of course.

You’re getting a proven system you can follow to think and act in the same way successful people do.

I’ll walk you through it, step by step, making sure you get results WITH 9 ACTION PACKED MODULES AND 54 HD VIDEOS, hands—on sessions that reveal things like…

The breakthrough Fruitphul strategy of accomplishing goals in 1/100 of the time it normally takes by microbreaking and leverage assigning.
How to identify what you really want in life, why most people set superficial goals that never make them happy, and how to avoid that. (Maybe starting a business isn’t really the thing that will make you happy)
Outsourcing, scaling, and hiring strategies to put your business (and personal life) on autopilot, even if you don’t think you have the budget to begin delegating tasks.
Systematic and scientific ways to ‘reprogram’ your mind and body so success happens automatically without tons of willpower and motivation.
Stop and reverse the things (both internal and external) that are sabatouging you from being more productive and being successful and happier.
3X your energy in a few weeks – What you should eat and how to exercise to get tons of high quality energy and focus. We dive into way more than just ‘eat your fruits and vegetables’ advice
A quick tactical switch that makes the hardest tasks easy to complete no matter how tired you are, without relying on willower, and without stress
The right way to create a personal success ritual that produces drastic results long term, and why most ‘morning routines’ and high priced journals those productivity ‘gurus’ push don’t work.
The evolutionary reason you’re always getting distracted and can’t get momentum and a little—known way to automatically train your brain to tune out the noise, and focus on tasks like a kid watches cartoons
How to knock out major tasks fast by building momentum and getting into a true ‘flow state’.
Why ‘early to bed, early to rise’ may actually be sabatouging your productivity, and how to sync with your sleep ‘chronotype’ for more energy and focus.
A simple trick to silence your negative self talk and limiting beliefs, break bad habits that sabotage your success, and unleash unstoppable productivity, every day
A battle—tested system to automate and delegate like a boss… even if you’re strapped for cash… and finally free up tons of time and money (you won’t believe how easy this is)
The home office productivity hack — how to turn your home office into a goal smashing, dream making “engine room” — everything from your computer screen, to your desktop, to the colors used in your office… you’ll be amazed how much more productive you’ll be with these simple tweaks
How to set up a “virtual secretary” to handle bills, paperwork and other chores that slow you down and drain your creative energy
A step by step guide to outsourcing like a pro – freeing up hours of your day (including where to find the best talent at amazing rates, what to ask them, and how to avoid getting screwed by them)
How to find “hidden time” in your day that will allow you to implement everything you’ve seen inside this training and even have downtime for yourself (yes, this even works for flat out parents and people working 3 jobs)
And so much more.
I could go on, but you get the idea. This ReBoot Camp is a brand new, practical system turn you into a productivity machine… with more time, energy, and focus than you’ve ever known.



This is what’s really going to help guarantee you have success. You’re not just getting a training, but an actual software to specifically implement and help automate the systems covered in the training.

The Fruitphul app is going to show you a list of easy to get started with ‘microtasks’ each day that don’t require much willpower to get started that are scored and colored coded based on the leverage they will bring.

All you have to do is follow the colors and do the ‘highest leverage’ micro-tasks during your most productive times to accomplish your goals far faster and even eliminate the need to do ‘lower leverage’ tasks altogether saving months of hard work.

If you can look at your computer screen or phone and log into the app once a day (or even once a week), you accomplish goals in business and personal life far faster.

Fruitphul App:

The app will help users save time and accomplish goals with far less willpower needed by systematizing and automating two important productivity concepts they will learn more in detail in the training;

1.The “80/20” rule or idea that there are certain tasks we should focus on first that will eliminate the need to do others (or make them easier to do… )

2. The idea of microtasking, in which hard, but important tasks are often accomplished far faster if they are broken down into easy to do ‘baby tasks’ that don’t require much willpower to get started. Then, once the task is started, it’s easier to accomplish as a whole and get more momentum now that you’re working on it.

It does this by..

STEP 1. First, users can assign color-coded ‘leverage scores’ from 1-10 to commonly done tasks or parts of big goals you want to work toward. This is going to help prioritize and track how much impact longterm a task will have toward achieving big goals where your time should be going to be more productive.

STEP 2. Then, they can create and view lists of easy to get started with ‘microtasks’ each day that are colored coded and synced to a generic 1-10 leverage value you choose or one of your previous ‘Leverage Value Tasks’ that already has a leverage value score assigned.

This helps you knock out major projects fast by avoiding procrastination and knowing what higher leverage activities to do first for the greatest impact with least amount of energy spent possible every day.

Users can use this calendar section to ‘assign’ time to work on your high leverage tasks, reschedule microtasks that can’t immediately be done to free up headspace, reorder or ‘roll over’ tasks that weren’t done, & more.

STEP 3. Then, if they want users can record themselves doing each task or have the app do it on desktop or mobile.

This will allow them to then view how much time was really spent on your specific ‘Leverage Value Tasks’ or how much time was spent on high or low value tasks in general in the Analytics part of the app, allowing them to make drastic changes longterm to save time.

Videlligence Review and Bonus

So what’s VidElligence all about?

Simply, VidElligence is the easiest and fastest way for anyone to actually PROFIT from the power of video marketing.Videlligence Review-min

Yes, there are plenty of video creation softwares on the market – designed to make (shock) videos. VidElligence is designed to make MONEY.

There are plenty of great softwares that let people make videos. VidElligence is different: it leverages fully-automated video ads to maximize traffic, conversions and profits.
The cloud-based app uses artificial intelligence to combines the raw conversion power of BOTH video traffic AND social media advertising in a way that’s NEVER been done before.

Users can fully automate the creation of top converting video ads for ANY eCom product in literally one click. By simply entering an eCom store product URL, OR by using included templates that are 100% customizable.

Now anyone – even with zero video creation experience, can maximize ROI using the best converting and lowest cost type of online advertising.

Benefits For Your Subscribers

Top-converting video
Users can spy on competitor eCom stores to find top-selling products they want to promote themselves… then SIMPLY by pasting the product URL into the dash, they can get a top-converting video ad created in seconds to maximize profits.
Artificial intelligence and templates
People can quickly create top-converting video ads for any and ALL of their own eCom products using the automated artificial intelligence video ad creator, OR by using over 100 templates they can completely customize.
Instant video ad creation
Unlimited customization with over 100 included templates, 1000 background audio tracks and more… OR just paste in ANY product URL for instant video ad creation.
Save money and increase conversions
Your customers will SAVE money and INCREASE conversions by leveraging the power of low-cost, top converting video ads PERFECT for FB and InstaGram.
Great opportunities for use
Users can leverage the power of social media, video and mobile traffic with this app that combines the benefits of all 3 – with absolutely ZERO video creation or design skills needed.

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Review

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Review

A short Amazing Selling Machine 8 review. ASM 7 opened for a brief time in April 2017. The last version of Amazing Selling Machine was updated and expanded from the previous version – ASM 6.Amazing Selling Machine 8 Review and bonus-min

NOTE: While ASM 7 is now closed, ASM 8 will be launching on October 10, 2017 for a 2 week period.

Check to see if ASM8 is open yet by clicking on the play button. If not you can be notified when it opens.

Note: If you do purchase the course through any link on this page I will receive a commission. For anyone wanting to start a business as an Amazon FBA seller, this course covers every step along the way. The course is broken down into different modules that cover every aspect of starting as an Amazon seller.
Amazing Selling Machine – Gurus or Not?

The people behind this Amazon FBA course are successful sellers on Amazon themselves so they know what they are talking about. You won’t be learning from some “guru” who can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.

However, joining the premier Amazon course is not for everyone. The cost to join (TBA) is likely to be several thousand dollars. You will be investing a lot of money in a real business and will need to take action according to the instructions provided.

Is It Easy To Sell On Amazon?

There are various hurdles and pitfalls to overcome and it is likely to take at least 60-90 days before you start seeing sales in your account. This is not a “make money overnight” type of business. You will need to decide which product to choose to start your Amazon business. Then comes sourcing. Most vendors find products in China. This is fairly involved and get take some time to arrange.

Next will come launching your product. This is where there have been major changes in the last year. Amazon is a lot more strict about giving away products in exchange for reviews. However the latest launch techniques will be covered in depth so you don’t have to rely on outdated information that could potentially harm your Amazon Seller Central account.

In summary it is possible to have a successful business on but it takes hard work and persistence. The potential payoff is huge though. Imagine having a successful ecommerce business in a couple of years from now. You could choose between a steady monthly cash flow of thousands of dollars per month or you could decide to sell your business for up to 25x your net monthly income. There are buyers for businesses like this on sites such as Empire Flippers.

Bitcoin Loophole Review

What Is Bitcoin Loophole?

Bitcoin Loophole is one of the most obvious scams we’ve seen in the bitcoin industry over the past few months. The scam promises to pay you $13,000 in 24 hours with no risk, no skills, and no experience required. You’ll quickly earn your “financial freedom” – and all you need to do is pay someone a bunch of money.Bitcoin Loophole Review scam or legit-min

The program is presented by an actor named Steve McKay. McKay claims anyone can get rich quick using this bitcoin investment scheme.

Bitcoin Loophole launched online in late September 2017. The website is geo-blocked in certain countries.

How Does Bitcoin Loophole Work?

Bitcoin Loophole claims you can get rich quick using their automated trading platform.

All you need to do is deposit a bunch of money into that platform, and the platform will turn it into even more money. With just a small initial investment, you can earn a guaranteed daily profit of $13,500. You’ll be a millionaire before the end of the year.

What’s even more amazing is that Bitcoin Loophole claims their system never fails to generate a profit. They claim that in an average 24 hour period, their automated trading platform beats the market on 123 out of 126 trades. They earn profits on 123 trades while losing on just three trades.

Obviously, there’s no trading platform in the world that offers success like this. Even if someone did create a platform capable of making 60 times ROI every 24 hours, there’s no chance they would share that program with the world.

We have no evidence that Bitcoin Loophole’s magical automated trading platform exists. As far as we can tell, the company will just take your money and disappear.

Who’s Behind Bitcoin Loophole?

The only name attached to Bitcoin Loophole online is Steve McKay, who introduces the platform at the official website. Steve McKay is likely a pseudonym. Typically, the people who create these scams want to remain anonymous – which is why they use generic names like Steve McKay without revealing any type of personal information.

The Bitcoin Loophole Facebook page and website are filled with fake testimonials from people who claim to have made millions of dollars through the platform. These testimonials are accompanied by stock images. Despite the fact that these people claim to be millionaires, WHOIS data shows us that the Bitcoin Loophole website only appeared online on September 22 2017.

Like other bitcoin scams, we expect Bitcoin Loophole to promote itself over a few days or weeks before shutting down abruptly when it has scammed enough people. That’s why the founders reveal no personal information or location info online.